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Septic Tank Systems

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Mike Moores PlumbingThere are many different types of septic systems and maintenance plans. We want our customers to be educated about their septic system, and how to maintain your septic system.

A septic system is an alternative to a sewer system. Rather than entering the sewers, your water waste will enter your septic tank which will retain the solids, clean the water and let the remaining water flow into your property's soil. They are actually very sanitary system s if they are installed and maintained properly. If you purchase or own a home with a septic tank and a drain field, you need to educate yourself about that system. You should know where the tank is located, the repair history, and make sure that the tank has a cover. Have an inspection completed so that you are sure that your system is working properly. Pump and clean out the system regularly and make sure that you also have it inspected for repair issues.

Types of Septic Systems

There are 5 basic types of septic systems, some much more common than others, but all effective if installed properly. Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs - Preferred) - ATUs use oxygen to naturally decompose solids. Gravity Systems - Simply use Earth's gravity to pull the effluent through your system and into your drain field. Pressure Distribution Systems - Similar to a gravity system, but a pump distributes the waste throughout the drainfield. Mound Systems - Used when there isn't enough area for a large drain field. Sand Filters - Also used when there isn't space for a drain field, sand is used to filter the water before it is released. Although there are many choices for septic systems, ATUs are by far the quietest and most hassle-free. These machines produce cleaner wastewater than normal systems, and so are more friendly for the environment. They also tend to be odorless. Multi-flo systems are great examples of ATUs. Mike Moore Pluming and Septic can repair all five types of septic systems, and we can give you tips on how to keep them in good repair once we have corrected the problems. Our team is reliable and ready to help you when you have a problem.

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