Water Leaks

Leak Detection & Repair

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Leak detection is one of the main services that we offer to our customers.

With over 30 years of leak detection experience, we will find the problem fast and repair the leak saving you money on, not only our low-priced service but the wasted water you would have continued to pay for.

Using the latest technologies of leak detection equipment, we can locate an underground water leak, find plastic piping and even locate underground utilities to help prevent “construction error cost” while doing home improvement projects.

We are expert leak testers, and we know everything there is to know about leak detection and repair. We have provided our quality services to both big and small customers in the area.

Mike Moores Plumbing

A leaking toilet can waste over 21,000 gallons of water per month and just an eighth of an inch leak in a service pipe can generate over 110,000 gallons of wasted water per month.

By comparison, a shower averages about 16 – 18 gallons of water and a dripping faucet or the smallest leak in a pipe or connection can generate that same amount in a day.

Conserve water, save money and make some new friends by having us stop by and check for leaks today.

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Emergency Plumbing

24 Hour Emergency Service is Available

Your emergency doesn’t have to be a national crisis, it just needs to be important to you. Sometimes things just need to work right, and right now! We understand this and if you need us to come out right-a-way, we will. If you need a plumber on a weekend or holiday, call us and we’ll help you make the best of that time.

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